Design projects are often started without much clarity on what outcomes they aim to achieve. An initial request from the business might be sometimes as short as:

“We need to redesign this ______ (website, app, etc.)”
“We need a new vision for this _______ (product, service, etc.)”

Do we really? Why is it so? What are we trying to improve/fix/solve? For whom?

To find the right direction faster and to make the project team more efficient, put your initial assumptions, hard facts, goals, and other relevant information into a written forma UX project brief.

An illustration of designers holding design props.
An illustration of designers holding design props.
Design vector created by stories —

In-house built design systems have become an essential enabler for product teams. [32,37] They bring a large number of benefits from efficiency to consistency to improved collaboration. Consequently, they drive better business results as they allow teams to spend more time solving real user problems and get solutions faster to the market.

Over the past five years, I’ve helped initiate and I’ve also contributed to several design systems. I’ve experienced the benefits of aligned teams, reusable components and rapid high-fidelity prototyping, which among other improvements, allowed us to quickly launch experiments, measure their impact, and deliver value faster.

However, building…

There are many amazingly useful collections of design and research methods, design systems, design principles,... But when you actually need one, you can never find it (at least, that’s often my case). So here’s my living repository of useful repositories — The Meta Repo.

👉 Do get in touch or leave a comment if you know of a useful collection which is missing. The list is then going to be more useful for everyone 🌎


  1. Behavioural & Cognitive Science
  2. Design Systems
  3. Design Principles
  4. UX Methods
  5. Workshop Techniques & Plays
  6. UX Books
  7. Stats
  8. Design Assets

Bonus #1: Card Decks
Bonus #2: Emoji…

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